LPD Wellness Supports Our Entire Department

LPD Wellness resource are open to all department employees: police officers, civilians, and dispatchers.

Taking Care of the Lubbock Law Enforcement Community

You know, better than anyone, that working in law enforcement is as tough as it is rewarding. It's easy to take the hard days home. And the hard days contribute to health problems, elevated suicide risk, and breakdown in our personal lives.

So, we're facing it head on. LPD is bringing you confidential, free resources. With peer support, community groups, and mental health professionals—we've got your back.


Confidentiality Guaranteed.

*with the exception of statements indicating intent to self -harm, harm others, or involvement in a criminal act


Healthy Officers Build Community Trust.

Healthy officers are more likely to come home.

Overall health makes you more resilient. Resilient officers respond better, have more positive contacts, and deescalate incidents. Build a healthy LPD with us.

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