Supports the Entire Department

Our Programs

Civilian Wellness

Currently under construction

Substance Abuse Assistance

Provides LPD employees and their immediate families with assistance needed in overcoming addictions.

Family Readiness

The goal is to help assist officers, employees, and their families understand the job of the police department and provide resources to help the family stay together.

Chaplain Program

A faith-based program providing pastoral care and crisis ministry to first responders

Critical Incident Stress Management

CISM provides peer support and services for first responders after critical incidents.

Employee Assistance Program

Free access to mental health professionals for employees & families through TTU Health Sciences Center

Mental Health Professionals

Licensed mental health professional with experience in trauma-related disorders & law enforcement culture

Physical Fitness & Nutrition

Providing support to improve the quality of life with physical fitness and nutrition

Peer Mentors

Getting all employees proactive mental health, marital, financial, nutritional assistance and resources

Women’s Wellness

Promoting camaraderie, unification, and wellness of women at the Lubbock Police Department

Veterans Committee

Peer and group support & assistance navigating the VA healthcare system

Our Funding

LPD was awarded $73,407 through the COPS Office Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act (LEMHWA) in 2020. This grant, paired with department funding, has helped expand existing resources, started new programs, and created greater access to current resources.

Project funds were used for:

  • Mobile first website
  • Training of peer support mentors
  • Site visits to departments with strong wellness programs
  • Supplies for supporting the wellness program
  • Consultant costs


Confidentiality Guaranteed.

*with the exception of statements indicating intent to self -harm, harm others, or involvement in a criminal act